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2008 Lagoa Reserva Branco
Vinho Regional Algarve

This white wine is made from Siria grapes, one of the typical white grape of the Algarve. Clear golden colour. In the nose there seems to be a hint of citrus at first, but after this small fruity Algarve sunbeam there are aromas reminding of mushroom, mint and some scents of a weak Madeira or Sherry. On the palate there is a estimate of viscosity, but the taste is empty without any fruit and with a surprising strong and isolated acidity, slightly bitter finish. As it is often difficult for a cooperation to find way to combine the interests of the winegrowers, members and the cellar master this wine is a sample for a failed attempt. Fortunately this wine is not representative for today’s Algarve white wines. Tasted on 09.06.2010, rating *

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